About me

I have experience of working successfully with clients with a broad range of issues.

After working in various jobs, running my own business for 15 years, and accumulating a great deal of life experience, I decided to follow my heart and retrain as a psychotherapist and counsellor.

Steven Ballantyne Psychotherapy

I have worked in a general setting, and also within a specialist addiction service with clients coping with managing alcohol and drug addiction. I achieve consistently positive outcomes with clients experiencing a wide diversity of difficulties. I have worked with clients struggling with anxiety and stress, depression and relationship problems. Some clients have brought deeper and more longstanding issues such as coping with the aftermath of childhood sexual and physical abuse, attachment issues, dealing with trauma, grief and loss, poor self-worth and low self-confidence. Others have felt stuck at a crossroads, or felt a loss of sense of self, or have been wrestling with work-related problems or complex family ties. I have also worked with clients who have been suicidal, struggling with eating disorders, self-harming, hearing voices and seeing hallucinations. Others are trying to manage anger or cope with PTSD. Others have reported shame, or issues around coping and control … I have also seen how mental health affects physical health and the intimate dialogue that exists between those two halves of a person.

I became convinced of the benefits and power of talk therapy when experiencing it myself during the earlier part of adulthood. I came to know what it’s like to sit with a therapist as a client - that personal experience informs everything I do now. I know for myself what’s important in a therapist if the therapy is to work. I understand the vital significance of the quality of the relationship between therapist and client.

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Steven Ballantyne Psychotherapy