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I am a psychotherapist and counsellor, working one-to-one with adults, from a broadly person-centred perspective. I'm a registered member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). I can offer you a safe, confidential, non-judgemental, warm and empathic environment within which to explore whatever is going on for you.

In our work we might explore around the visible edges of things, if that's where you feel safe and is all you need right now; or we can dive into the deeper parts of yourself where the roots of your issues originally grew. It's up to you; we can say enough to manage your current situation and bring some respite, or we can go to the source of your difficulties and work on integrating your experiences in pursuit of a permanent resolution.

Steven Ballantyne Psychotherapy

"Steven went above and beyond my expectations. As someone who has seen numerous therapists in the past, I cannot recommend him more. If you are looking for someone who takes a holistic, evidence-based approach to your care, and genuinely listens and wants to help, you will not go wrong visiting Steven. I have no doubt I will be seeing him again in the future and that to me is a reassuring thought."
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It might be that you’re feeling down and not quite 'right'; or it might be that you’re struggling with more intense psychological problems. Perhaps you've never felt a need to seek help before; or perhaps you've sought help countless times already. Perhaps you're fighting addiction. Perhaps you're grappling with the consequences of abuse. Maybe you've been diagnosed with a mental illness. Maybe you're having relationship issues. Maybe you've suffered a loss. Maybe you're fed up with anxiety compromising what you feel able to do in life. Or maybe you just need a listening ear, and the respite that affords.

Whatever your situation, whichever way the wind is blowing you, I can offer support as you move through a difficult chapter in your life. Psychotherapy can be a lifeline and a key that unlocks a way forward and a pathway to growth.

Steven Ballantyne Psychotherapy

My preference is for sessions to take place face to face, as I believe this contact facilitates the deepest and most clear connection between people. However, I also offer appointments by video call and telephone. Evening appointments are available. Home visits can occasionally be arranged.

Sessions last for 1 hour and cost £60.

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Steven Ballantyne Psychotherapy