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Psychotherapy and Counselling in Inverness and the Highlands

I am a psychotherapist and counsellor, working one-to-one with adults, from a person-centred perspective. I'm a registered member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). I can offer you a safe, confidential, non-judgemental, warm and empathic environment within which to explore whatever is going on for you.

Steven Ballantyne Psychotherapy

It might be that you’re feeling down and not quite 'right'; or it might be that you’re struggling with more intense psychological problems. Perhaps you've never felt a need to seek help before; or perhaps you've sought help countless times already. Perhaps you're fighting addiction. Perhaps you're grappling with the consequences of abuse. Maybe you've been diagnosed with a mental illness. Maybe you're having relationship issues. Maybe you've suffered a loss. Maybe you're fed up with anxiety compromising what you feel able to do in life. Or maybe you just need a listening ear, and the respite that affords.

Whatever your situation, whichever way the wind is blowing you, I can offer support as you move through a difficult chapter in your life. Psychotherapy can be a lifeline and a key that unlocks a way forward and a pathway to growth.

Steven Ballantyne Psychotherapy

"I went in shaking and so anxious I didn't think I'd be able to say a word ... When I first met Steven he made me feel so at ease and calm. After a few sessions I really came out of my shell and felt like I could trust him. I said more to him than anyone close to me ... I have really found his help has worked and made me move in the direction I need to go to get back to my happy self."

"I valued our sessions even though at times they were difficult for me. I found Steven to be consistent, reliable, warm and honest. I felt challenged but also supported and he made the process of accessing therapy with him very easy."

My preference is for sessions to take place face to face, as I believe this contact facilitates the deepest and most clear connection between people. However, I also offer appointments by video call and telephone. Evening appointments are available. Home visits can occasionally be arranged.

Sessions last for 1 hour and cost £50.

Contact me to find out more or make an appointment.

Steven Ballantyne Psychotherapy